Do you have questions about your family tree?

Genealogy research and DNA testing could find the answers.


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Traci helped us locate biological family for my two adopted daughters. She was thorough, compassionate and supportive every step of the way. Building your family tree is an emotional journey, and takes a true partner who understands the balance required. If you have any unanswered questions that a genealogy search can help answer for you — you are in great hands with Traci! Highly recommend her! – Katherine

Working with Traci was simply amazing. What I thought would be a tremendous undertaking was anything but that. Ms. Tucker very quickly made all the connections that lead to my understanding of what I thought would be a complex and long search. Her assistance is with out doubt the easiest and best available. It was my pleasure to work with her. – Kris

Beautiful genealogy report both visually and with all the fascinating detail included. Made an amazing gift for our Mom. Traci is a great communicator, worked quickly and the results far exceeded our expectations. So much so that we are working with Traci to pursue another project dealing with international relations and adoption. Highly recommend! – Bonnie


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We’ll take a look at your top matches and tell you how you may be related.

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We’ll research a specific ancestor or surname in your line to find the information you want.

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Traci was adopted and did a DNA test to see if she could find her bio family.

Kristy was interested in finding info about a grand aunt she didn’t know she had.


Alex wanted a family tree built out three generations.

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