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The digitization of historical records around the world have made it easier (though still not necessarily easy) to build our family trees and discover not only more about our known ancestors, but ancestors previously lost to us.

Check out Kristy’s Story for how we found information on her long lost aunt and for an example of the type of research report we provide.

Building trees, along with advancements in DNA testing, enable us to find long lost cousins and gain estimates of our ethnic makeup, but enable us to learn many stories about our ancestors that, until now, have been hidden away in libraries, court and property records, and other historical documents. It may now be possible to find out when our great-great grandmother was born, who her parents were, and what they did to get by. We may learn what ship our ancestor sailed on from foreign ports to land on American soil for the first time, beginning an new chapter of family history.

But be warned. DNA testing and family history research can also lead to some unexpected consequences; not only can we make discoveries about our ancestors that we may not be particularly proud of, such as that they were imprisoned or were slave owners, but, especially when we DNA test, get a little more than we bargained for, such as that Dad is not our biological father or that our beloved first cousin is no biological relation at all.

Most people want to know all of it, the good and the bad. Nothing can help us feel more grounded, while more alive at the same time, than knowing the story of where we came from.

There are many reasons you want to conduct genealogical research.

Brick Wall

You have a puzzle or question and can’t find any answers, or don’t know where to start looking.

​Family History

You want more information about a specific ancestor or family line, such as where they lived, how many family members they had, what they did for a living, or where they emigrated from.


You don’t have the time to conduct all this research yourself, or aren’t really sure how to do it anyway.

Genealogy Research

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These affordable packages are ideal for record searches or DNA match analysis (for example, if you’ve taken a DNA test at Ancestry.com). Click on either for more details.

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