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DNA doesn't lie

If you’ve taken a DNA test and want some answers about your matches, we can help analyze your results. This analysis can help answer questions about adoptions, unknown close matches, missing matches, and questions about your ethnicity results.

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Many adoptees with unknown biological parents take DNA tests to help solve this mystery. Our Chief Genealogist, Traci Tucker, did the same. Through DNA matching, she identified her biological father’s family and was reunited with her biological mother’s family. We can help you figure out how your DNA matches may be related to you.

Unknown or Missing Close Matches

If you took a DNA test just for fun or in order to validate your ethnicity, but have some unknown close matches, we can try to help figure out how you are related to these matches.

Similarly to having unknown close matches, if you expected to find certain matches in your results and didn’t, we can help interpret those results and find some answers.


Some DNA tests provide estimates of your ethnicity. If you you didn’t receive the results you were expecting, or have taken more than one DNA test – through different providers – and the results don’t match, we can help interpret and explain your results.

Traci with her adopted parents

Pictured is our founder, Traci Tucker, as a toddler with her parents, Ted and Ginny Tucker, who adopted her at seven weeks old. The photo is from an article about the adoption that appeared in the local newspaper.

Research by the hour

These affordable packages are ideal for record searches or DNA match analysis (for example, if you’ve taken a DNA test at Click on either for more details.

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