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We’re a team of experienced genealogists and family history research specialists who are as excited as you are to learn about your family.

Our Mission

To help people find their families through DNA analysis, genealogical research, inspiration, and education.

Our Vision

To foster empowerment, empathy, and understanding by connecting people with their family stories and ancestral heritage.


Whether it’s analyzing your DNA matches to see who you’re related to or tracking down when your grandparents immigrated to the US, we want to help you find your family.

Whether you’re just trying to find a record of your grandparents’ marriage or you want several generations of your family tree built out, we can help.

Were you adopted? Are you looking for a lost family member? DNA testing and family-tree building can uncover the answers.

Have you heard family stories and wonder if they’re true? Are you part Cherokee? Genealogy can help discover the truth.

Do you have ancestors who fled famine, war, or persecution? Who fought in a war? Are you a son or daughter of the Revolution? Genealogy research can take you on the journey of a lifetime.


You deserve to know. Isn’t it time you find out?

Traci Tucker

Our Chief Genealogist

Traci Tucker is our chief genealogist here at Who Is In My Genes. She is also the company’s founder.

Traci discovered her mission of helping others find their families when she found her own biological family. While she had a wonderful adopted family, learning her story and reconnecting with her biological family answered many questions and brought new joy to her life.

In 2015, the state of Ohio, where Traci was born and adopted, allowed for adoptees born in a certain set of years to request their original birth certificate, which she did. That, along with an DNA test, helped reunite her with both sides of her biological family.

In building out both her adopted and biological family trees and making many discoveries along the way, she realized how meaningful it would be to her to help others do the same. After several years of helping friends and family with their own genealogy research, she launched Who Is In My Genes in order help as many people as possible.


Traci is a member of the Association of Professional Genealogists. As such, she adheres to the Association’s Code of Ethics and Professional Practices.  The purpose of the APG Code is to promote: (1) a truthful approach to genealogy, family history, and local history; (2) the trust and security of genealogical consumers; and (3) careful and respectful treatment of records, repositories and their staffs, other professionals, and genealogical organizations and associations. Click the links above to learn more.

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