Hiring a professional genealogist can save you time and frustration and help you get your genealogy questions answered faster and more efficiently. Here are a few reasons why people hire a genealogist to help them with their family history research.

Reason 1: Time

It sure doesn’t take very long to click on one of those cute little green leaves on Ancestry.com. You can build a very large tree quite quickly just using those hints alone. But they are hints; they are not verified, and therefore, may not be correct. It’s great to have a large tree – but is it all really yours?

One very important part of this type of research is doing your best to ensure the people you find are the people you think they are. Use a variety of methods to be as certain as possible, such as checking on dates, locations, family members, etc. Sometimes all of this may take a few minutes for one person – or it could take hours, or more! Professional genealogists not only have experience with this type of research, but know where to look, know how to analyze what they find, and can likely complete it more efficiently.

Reason 2: Brick Wall

You’ve done some of your own research but have hit a wall and can’t find any more information or solve the puzzle you’re working on, or you really don’t even know where to start looking. The information may not be found for a variety of reasons – it may not even be online. Professional genealogists can provide ideas for new research methods, archives to review, or other resources that may help knock down that wall – or they could even solve it for you!

Reason 3: Documents

You’re looking for documents such as birth or death records or marriage certificates, or you have documents that you would like help interpreting, sourcing, or organizing. Professional genealogists work with records of many types all day long and often know where to find them.

Reason 4: Family History

You want more information about a specific ancestor or family line, such as parents/children, siblings, or extended families; where they lived, what they did for a living, if they were in the military. This is just a small sampling of the information that can be found while conducting genealogical research. Maybe you are planning a heritage trip to visit a town, state, or country where your ancestors lived. Family history research can help achieve all of these objectives and morel.

Reason 5: Immigration

You would love to know the details of your ancestor’s immigration to the United States. When and why did they come? What ship carried them? Who came with them? What was their destination in the US? Unless you’re a Native American, your ancestors came from somewhere else. Genealogical research may be able to answer those questions.

Reason 6: Adoption

You or a family member are looking for your biological/birth families. DNA testing through one of the large databases such as Ancestry.com or 23andme may provide some leads, but the answers may not be obvious. A professional genealogist with DNA experience may be able to help sort it out. Who Is In My Genes’ founder and chief genealogist Traci Tucker herself was adopted, and found her bio-father’s family through DNA testing on Ancestry.com.

Reason 7: DNA Results

You may have done a DNA test through Ancestry.com or 23andme just for fun but received some puzzling DNA matches. Mysterious matches or missing matches can be cause for much consternation. These puzzles can be solved through careful research and communication. The same happens with the ethnicity profile on these two sites. A professional genealogist can help explain or figure out why your profile may not look like what you expected it to.

You may not have the time, the expertise, or the energy. A professional genealogist can help answer questions, solve puzzles, trace ancestors, and provide a wealth of information about your family.